Information Design – Color as a Design Tool

Colors have been thought to evoke emotion, spark memory, and create texture within a successful design.  Considering that an image created in a muted or dark tone can communicate a muted or melancholy translation.  While conversely a bright fiery color such as bright red, or orange can evoke feelings of happiness, and movement.

Static is created also when designs require a distinction between images without implicitly stating the obvious.

In the above example, the eye is drawn to the center of the flower intentionally, and coupled with the additive of the grouping shown slightly out of focus, the yellowish orange centered flower is highlighted as the focal point in the hierarchical scheme of importance.

When considering the propaganda at work when considering a design, the color choice should be contemplated.  As Roam contends referring to the process centers of the brain, the design itself automatically creates an interest from the audience, as we make an attempt to understand and interact with a design by sheer impulse; implicitly the attractiveness (concerning color) would be welcomed element the design in totality.


Module 4 Blog – Mapping



Module 4 Blog – Mapping