Information Design – Interaction Design

When considering Information Design and specifically honing in on the interaction component, one may automatically and innately look inward to those designs that impact us on the most familiar levels.  It is known that Information “Interaction” Design is composed of three different variables, which are all working toward the overall successful Sensorial Design.  Sensorial implores our most cognitive “senses”, which for the intent of this post will focus on the communications medium of music.

What innate feelings does music stimulate?  Depending on the receiver some music may evoke feelings of joy or sadness, or when considering physicality some may enfluence movement or being simply stationary.  When we interact, by design music is meant to persuade in some form or manner.  Standing in a quiet pub, sipping on your favorite beverage with your closest friend evokes a pleasurable feeling for some.  Now add the caveat of hearing either the best or worst music you’ve ever heard loudly.  What emotions would derive?  Would the atmosphere of comfort change?  By design Sensorial Design is intended to make that distinction.

Below are some music choices that I find enjoyable.  There are also some examples of less enjoyable Sensorial Design examples that are notable for me personally.  Can you presume which are my enjoyable examples, and which are not based on my blog page, or rhetoric?  What clues has the design my blog offered toward this presentation?  Feel free to supply additional thoughts, and or music.


live at the barbecue


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