Only the Sultry Songstress Survives

Is physical beauty a true attributing factor to a successful musical career?  Arguably the playing field is not equal for both genders.  Male musicians can have successful careers devoid of sexual innuendo.  We can sing, rhyme, and play an instrument in the safe comfort of our own skins.  While there are varying levels of success.  For example a Justin Bieber, Maxwell or Neyo, fellow musicians such as Anthony Hamilton, Sean Kingston, or even artist of the past such as Jodeci are considered as prominent artist world renown.

The physical look of a male performer may not be as important as that of their female counterparts.  While there is a market for the sexually sensationalized male performer, the industry does allow artist with less sexual allure to sing their songs, say their rhymes, or play their instruments fully clothed and void of any sexual connotation. 


Sadly, the “lane” for female performers isn’t so freeing.  Female artist are expected to be in good physical shape, and their wardrobes are expected to compliment their bodily enhancement even before a single note is sung.  Further, while there are some male performers who incorporate vigorous dance routines into their act, many do not.  While conversely 100% of females are expected to move in sexually stimulated ways, to project the connotation and believability that these performers actually are exactly as their sexually charged lyrics suggest.  While there are many female performers who have a strict following of fans, and have garnered some critical acclaim; the truly influential artist are the most attractive, the least dressed, and in some cases the least talented singers or song writers.