Whitley Gilbert and Duane Wayne

Discussing our respective futures with a female platonic friend in her 30s, I concluded that she was overly concerned, almost to the point of obsession about being married. Seemingly this female after some frank discussion contended that the media perpetuated being married as an attainable goal, and anything less seemed to be a failure. We discussed Whitley and Duane from It’s a different world (1990s), and she reminisced the evening the episode was shown were the couple finally wed. In some dramatic display Duane who had left the relationship prior, interrupted the wedding of Whitley who was in the process of marrying another character. Duane interrupted the proceedings professing his undying love for Whitney and she subsequently married him.

This friend was so committed to the idea of being married, she says from the airing of this episode. I explained to this woman that pursuing this dream of being married is an unsafe endeavor as not all involved may feel as strongly as she. The relationshipS she’s been involved in have been somewhat frivolous, yet she discusses and insists to mull over the topic of marriage with these unwilling participants. Has the media truly given my friend an unrealistic expectations regarding relationships, and or marriage? I believe wholeheartedly that Whitley and Duane or no more to blame for her eschewed perception than the men in these failed relationships. It’s more about her choices than the choices of the producers of a 1990s television sitcom.


Very Late! Whew! I think I finally set this up correctly


sorry about delay.  Ok, so the “Resolve” disposable mop commercial.   Anyone seen it?  I can’t seem to find a decent link for it.  basically the premise is women are overjoyed that they no longer “have to scrub floors on their knees”.  Seriously? The tag line is “women are in agreement”.   The commercial actually uses the term women describing these lucky consumers of a new household cleaning product.   Talk about a flash back to “Lucy and Ricky, Fred and Ethel”.